Black Thought dropped his first solo album Streams of Thought Vol. 1 last June and is already gearing up to the release of a new project. The artist revealed its release date on social media and confirmed Salaam Remi as the man behind the instrumental production. Streams of Thought Vol. 2 will be available to listeners on November 26.

"Streams of Thought Vol. 2 (Black Thought x Salaam Remi present Traxploitation) 11.26.18"

The project is bound to offer a different flavor from Vol. 1 with Salaam Remi's contribution. The producer's reggae-influenced style lays new ground for Black Thoughts' lyricism. Fans can still expect some continuity considering Remi's collaboration with 9th Wonder, who produced Streams of Thought Vol. 1. The pair is working on The Roots' next project.

Last summer, the Hip Hop icon affirmed his being in a highly creative phase that allowed him to craft solo releases in anticipation of The Roots' forthcoming album.

Now is the right time because I'm a free agent. I'm independent, and The Roots are independent. I'm in a good creative space. I'm in a good space business-wise and career-wise here with The Tonight Show. It just made perfect sense to put out some music, both aa follow-up to the Hot 97 freestyle from the end of last year and as a palate cleanser and appetizer for The Roots album to come. It made perfect sense. It's never made better sense than it does now.