Black Thought's "Rest In Power" Video Pays Homage To Trayvon Martin

Mitch Findlay
July 20, 2018 17:51

Black Thought's latest video is a powerful reflection on societal injustice.

By now, little needs to be said about Black Thought's lyrical prowess. Essentially the Gaston of hip-hop, nobody can quite pen a sentence like him. In fact, your favorite rapper would likely place him on the upper echelon of hip-hop's great writers. Such co-signs have not been unduly earned. One need only refer to his stunning ten-minute freestyle on Funkmaster Flex for verification. 

Now, Black Thought has come forth with some new visuals for "Rest In Power," an intimate and emotional dedication to Trayvon Martin. "How many more kids will we wait for them to kill? My tears collectin' like raindrops on the windowsill," raps Black Thought. "If the wounds heal, the memories never fade, I wonder if you're in heaven's eleventh grade." Poignant reflections from The Roots front-man. The visuals match the song's tone, featuring powerful imagery, both modern and from days gone by. 

RIP Trayvon. 

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