Sean Young is an actress whose career really peaked in the 1980s, highlighted by her role as Harrison Ford's replicant love interest Rachael. In 2017 she was asked to reprise that role in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 sequel, albeit in a role of tertiary importance. She is none-the-less regarded as a fine actress to model one's career after. Mind you, we should establish a cut off date before things get messy.

According to AP news, Sean was caught on video surveillance along with a male accessory stealing Apple laptops and video production software from a production set in Astoria, Queens. Police say employees reported the crime on Thursday unbeknownst to her identity. Young and the male suspect are believed to have run off with at least $12,000 worth of equipment.

That being said, Sean Young is known around the entertainment industry for her erratic behavior. At the 2012 Oscars she arrested outside the venue after being accused of slapping a security guard she came into contact with. Former colleagues have since aired out alarming details concerning her recent conduct. A stand-up comic she once befriended worries she may be unfit. He says that she recently got fired from a gig for showing up drunk for rehearsal, and the list goes on.

Sean Young remains on the loose, her reps have yet to address the NYPD summon.