Blake Griffin finally got to make his Brooklyn Nets debut last night and based on the results, it was fairly successful. Griffin got to play 15 minutes and in the end, he notched two rebounds and another two points. The Nets ended up winning the game, which once again, put them steadily at the front of the Eastern Conference standings where they appear to be the team to beat.

Griffin's two points came from a dunk which was the first time he had scored on a dunk in almost two years. With his knee problems, Griffin hasn't been able to do those kinds of plays but in Brooklyn, he appears to be finding his old rhythm. After the game, he explained what his Nets debut meant to him.

“It felt great. I knew once it happened that it was going to be a thing so I tried not to look at the bench when I was coming back down but then I kinda peeked over and I saw DeAndre (Jordan) all the way out on the side and saw everybody standing up so it was hard not to smile in that situation. It felt good to just get that out of the way and move on," Griffin said.

Griffin is now on a contender and there is a realistic chance he gets to go to his first NBA Finals. Hopefully, we will continue to see what he is capable of over the next few months.