Blanco Brown is the latest to contribute to what seems to reflect the possible stay of the yee-haw agenda in the Hip Hop realm. Much like "Old Town Road," Blanco Brown's "The Git Up" is a blend of both Hip Hop and country, a blend which many have since coined country rap. However, in comparison to Lil Nas X's hit-single, the song additionally offers a dance for you to get jiggy to. Thus far, the song has quietly taken a seat on the Billboard 200 charts and its formulation has had many speculate on whether it is setting off to become the next "Old Town Road." For now, only time will tell, but the song slaps. 

Blanco Brown himself has chosen to release a video wherein he gives precise instructions on a set of moves to use while playing his song. The video thus far has accumulated over 2-million views so far which makes the song's potential to grow into a massive success highly likely. The fusion of country and rap elements found in the track herein can also be credited to Young Thug who crossed the rap and country boundaries a while ago. Either way, we will be closely watching the song as we surely expect it to rise in popularity.