BlocBoy JB was arrested yesterday over a multitude of outstanding charges. He wasn't the only individual detained in what authorities have labeled a "multi-agency investigation." Another 19 or so individuals were arrested within the same round-up at a Shelby Drive residence in Memphis, Tennesse. It wasn't the first time BlocBoy faced any form of pressure from law enforcement in 2019.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In late February, BlocBoy JB was again booked on a multitude of charges including drug possession, gun possession, and theft of property. In this instance, the mock-up is nearly identical, save for additional "speeding" charges and multiple violations of the controlled substances act. Authorities aren't willing to disclose anything else in the matter, relative to JB's personal dossier. It's not entirely evident that any of the most recent charges are in any way related to the July 2018 incident that formed the basis for his February arrest.

JB's lawyer gave FOX13 a very different synopsis of his client's fate. “They weren't looking for him, and there was no warrant for him personally,” said his attorney Murray Wells. “They may have been looking for other suspects on the premises."

The timing of JB's arrest is rather inopportune, as he was scheduled to headline the Beale Street Music Festival within a 24-hour window (this evening). BlocBoy was penciled in right before Lil Dicky and Khalid on the FedEx stage at 7:20 pm. The Beale organizers will likely be forced to find a last-minute replacement, barring some kind of miracle.