BlocBoy JB is lucky to be alive right now after he avoided a near disastrous fall this past weekend. The “Look Alive” rapper took to his Instagram page on Monday to share a clip of him jumping into his pool from his home’s second-floor balcony, but he was mere inches away from disaster.

Running from inside the second store bedroom, Blocboy JB can be seen jumping over the railing and into the pool, but not before his foot grazed the side pavement. The Memphis rapper must’ve miss-judged the length of the jump or his ability, because if he jumped any shorter things would’ve been horrible.

Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

In fact, you can hear one of his buddies, who's recording the clip, say BlocBoy almost killed himself, which is possibly a slight exaggeration since it was only two-stories high, but it definitely would’ve ended up bad.

Check out the lucky, and miss-timed jump (below) and let us know what you think.

This isn't first time that the Memphis rapper has done a dangerous stunt however. Just last month, he shared a cringe-worthy backflip attempt in which he tries to pull off the insane stunt but comes up a tad short. Check that out (below) while you’re it.