Earlier this year, everything was comin' up BlocBoy. The animated rapper's "Look Alive" earned nonstop rotation, putting a Drake feature on his resume. The follow-up effort featured another heavyweight, A$AP Rocky, and while it didn't reach "Look Alive's" ubiquity, "Bad Company" was a respectable attempt. Children around the world spent countless hours learning his signature dance, and one of the year's breakout producers remains firmly in his corner. He even managed to secure a spot on XXL's 2018 Freshman Class, a testament to his monumental come-up.

Unfortunately, around the summer, BlocBoy found himself cooling off through no fault of his own. Meanwhile, the aforementioned children opted to perfect "The Floss" instead of his "Shoot" dance. Either way, it's been a minute since we've heard from BlocBoy JB. Luckily the tides are about to change. On October 30th, BlocBoy will be dropping off his Don't Think That album, and the rapper took to Twitter to reveal the trippy cover.

Behold not one, not two, not even three, but four BlocBoys! Heads grow from shoulders, veritable circus-esque grotesqueries! Which one is the real one?! Will Tay Keith be involved, and if so, to what capacity?! Time will tell!