With his freestyle in the bag, BlocBoy JB has come through to drop off his XXL Freshman interview. "When I was younger, I was influenced by Eminem and T.I," explains BlocBoy. "I liked how T.I.'s swag was and Eminem used to make you feel it." Though his music doesn't necessarily reflect the flow-centric delivery of his main inspirations, one has to respect a man with love for the legends. Still, one mustn't forget that BlocBoy is an accomplished dancer, which has come to inform his approach to songwriting. "When I hear a beat, I think about dancing," he says. "I feel like I'm just a guy having a good time."

Of course, BlocBoy understands the significance of his breakout hit, the Drake assisted "Look Alive." Marveling at the song's sudden rise, he breaks it down, stating "when I did it I didn't think it would impact people...After "Look Alive," everything started moving fast. Muthafuckas started noticing me, started listening to me."

Behind the scenes footage seems to indicate that BlocBoy will be joined by Lil Pump and Smokepurpp for the instrumental cypher, which means he'll be fighting somewhat of an uphill battle, should he intend on being even remotely lyrical. If not, perhaps BlocBoy is better suited to let the energy course through him; if not for anything, his exuberance has gotten him this far. Peep the video below, and stay tuned for Trippie Redd's freestyle to cap it off tomorrow.