Netflix debuted the first trailer for the upcoming Homecoming documentary by Beyonce that follows her beloved Coachella performance from last year and all the important moments and inspirations leading up to it. While the trailer reminds us of Beyonce's fierce ways, the 30-second mark shows us just how impactful she really is on her daughter Blue Ivy, who is seen participating in rehearsals for her mom's big performance.

The black and white clip is short, but you can see Blue sitting in front of her mom perfectly performing a hair flip while everyone does the same behind her. Blue has already shown off some of her creative skills, more recently playing jokes on her grandma Tina Knowles, but this new clip of her showing off her choreograph skills has the internet super excited. 

"How tf does Blue Ivy know the coachella choreography and my old ass has been struggling for months ... the talent flew out.... blue blue coming for Beyonces crown," one user wrote, while another added: "I’m just going to put this into the universe.....Blue Ivy is going to be a BEAST when she starts entertaining. I mean you’re already doing choreography with Bey & learning from two of the BEST in their fields."

Peep more reactions below and catch the documentary on Netflix as of April 17th.