Blueface & DaBaby Cause Pandemonium In "Obama" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
March 13, 2020 17:35

Mercy mercy, Blueface and DaBaby have infiltrated the white house and opened the doors to pure debauchery.

It's no wonder Blueface opted to make "Obama" one of Find The Beat's defining singles. Not only are there plenty of amusing lyrics to bring to life, but the presidential references all but write themselves into a fully-fledged music video. And that's exactly what we're looking at now, delivered in a typically outlandish and unapologetic fashion by two of rap's most noteworthy troublemakers.

Blueface DaBaby Obama

Put together by the California Creatives, the new visuals for Blueface and DaBaby's Find The Beat banger pens with a familiar tune. Before long, however, Blueface has taken the playbook and straight-up defenestrated it. After receiving the office from a Barack Obama stand-in, Blueface and his running mate DaBaby make it abundantly clear that debauchery is the first topic addressed at the state of the union. 

Before long, the prestigious office is being overrun with scantily clad females, many of whom seem ready and willing to do their part for the country -- although that part is probably open to interpretation. Either way, Blueface and DaBaby appear to be having the time of their lives, seemingly oblivious to the pandemic ravaging the outside world. Forget about social distancing, thinks DaBaby, this gyrating ass isn't about to inspect itself.

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