Blueface has been known to be an entrepreneur, on top of being an artist. Over the past few weeks, Blueface has been touting a brand new venture that is currently going down at his house. Essentially, the rapper is filming a sort of remake of the infamous show "Bad Girls Club." His version of the show is much more X-Rated and features these women getting into provocative situations. The initiative even got into the news recently as it was revealed that some of the women were getting into massive fights.

The artist has been accused of sleeping with these women and using them for clout, which led Blueface to take to social media to clear the air. In a lengthy Instagram story, Blueface noted that he simply wants to give these women a second chance and that he sees them as family.

"I don’t have relations with any of these women the purpose of the show is to develope [sic] these women by exercising there temper attitude patience an composure An I’m letting them use my platform as a second chance to chase there dreams without selling themselves to get by we are all 1 family. They all have a past I just wanna change their future," the artist wrote. “There is no mass production behind this I’m am the sole proprietor behind funding location an activities I’m not looking to make money off these women from onlyfans but I would at least like to make back what I put in at the end of the day I am a business man.”

Blueface is currently airing the new show on his OnlyFans account, so if you're interested, that's where you'll find it.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET