Don't take everything you hear in the rumor mill to heart. Somehow, someway, a news report began circling on the net, in which Blueface was "quoted" speaking ill of Cardi B's quote-unquote "twerk wind," - the full quote seemingly summarizing February's "Thotiana" video shoot as quite the coup, if not for the fact Cardi B had the set smelling like "dead raccoons."

And with that, a clown posse of trolls helped the false report achieve some level of unanimity for the shortest period of time. Thankfully, the "Bust Down" fact checkers came-a-knocking by daybreak, ready to expunge the false report, Blueface himself playing a role in dousing the flames.

Blueface went about denying the rumors by screen capping the false report, while the "Report this Ad" button lay encircled, ready to pounce. The accompanying message that he provided in the caption section, called for the repudiation of any news to have published the report. "This shyt fake as a bitch y’all got both of us fucced up," Blueface wrote, thereby putting an end to the incessant "twerk wind" rumors. "Discredit any site posting this cuz that must mean everything else they posting fake news a well."

"Thotiana" currently occupies the 13 spot on Billboard's Top 200 Singles Chart, while Cardi B currently sits, odor-free, in the Top 5, thanks to her new-ish "Please Me" duet with Bruno Mars. I'll say it again, don't believe the hype, or the truth for that matter. Keep your head on a swivel.