Nardwuar was in Austin, Texas for SXSW this past weekend, as you'd expect from a music journalist/interrogator whose workflow consists of manic sprawls across campgrounds. When a music festival rears into town, The Human Serviette is never far behind. With his media pass in hand, Nard sets up shop right where they keep the VIP tents, in the hopes of rounding up as much content as possible, so we're lead to believe.

The Winterlude is ostensibly where music festivals pack go to hibernate. That's essentially when Nardwuar runs a dragnet on his list targets. How he manages so much private information is anyone's guess.

After uploading the first two interviews from SXSW (Rico Nasty and J.I.D) in whatever order he saw fit, Nardwuar came out swinging on the third submission, a real offbeat session with Blueface. The footage says it all: Nardwuar literally walks up to Blueface without a care in the world, conjuring a response so nonchalant and compliant, it's almost uncomfortable. 

I won't spoil the process, but The Game, WC, and Suga Free records get passed around gratuitously. Blueface is asked about his athletic past, his dance repertoire, and the musical endeavors he took up in high school. Peep the whole interview at the top of the page, and let us know where it ranks among Nardwuar all-time bests.