He may not be exercising his right to vote in the upcoming election, but Blueface is utilizing his freedom to bring controversial content to his fans. The California rapper recently stated that he planned on turning his home into the next Bad Girls Club, but it looks as if it instead has become its own Fight Club. Blueface shared snippets of his new Blue Girls Club series that features a handful of women who have now found a new home at the rapper's residence. The at-home reality show has released its first episode on OnlyFans, and people have taken to BlueFace's Instagram account to share that it's not for the faint of heart.

Aside from the twerking and sharing of intimate bedroom details, the unnamed ladies have also been captured throwing fisticuffs. Blueface posted a few videos of the women going toe-to-toe, swinging right and left hooks with gloves on. It's unclear as to how long these women will live with Blueface or if this is some sort of elimination series—for now, they seem to be enjoying the ride.

Check out a few highlights that Blueface has shared on social media and if you dare, subscribe to his OnlyFans to watch his series.