As of late, Blueface can't seem to catch a break. After getting ripped by Chika for his highly criticized rapping skills, the "Thotiana" rapper has also recently been accused of overseeing a cult by social media users. A vid went viral that showed him having several women sleep in bunk beds and get tattoos, but the L.A. rapper quickly assured fans that it was just a behind-the-scenes look at his sensational Blue Girls Club show.

Now, Blueface is in the hot seat once again following a video that shows him blowing off his son's birthday party while he live-streams on Twitch with Adin Ross and DDG. While streaming, Blueface gets a call from someone, presumably his baby mother, and proceeds to get cursed out by the person on the other end for being late to his son's birthday. 

After Blueface gets off the phone, you can see that Adin Ross is visibly shook and upset that Blueface has to go, but the LA rapper stays for a bit longer and continues to joke with both Adin and DDG. The video then cuts off before viewers see Blueface leave the stream to head over to his son's birthday party, but in the end, it does appear that Blueface eventually showed up at his son's birthday party.

Similar to his costumed theatrics last year in which he dressed up as Spider-Man, new video footage shows the "BGC" rapper dressed up as a blue Power Ranger and showing off his impressive acrobatic skills.