It's becoming increasingly commonplace to see viral comedian Shiggy being pressed or otherwise belittled by rappers. What initially came off as part of Shiggy's schtick has taken a darker turn, to the point where it's unclear whether these artists have any genuine love for him to begin with. Most recently, it was none other than Blueface connected with Shiggy, who currently stands in the midst of a hip-hop crossover attempt. For whatever reason (we're lacking proper context surrounding the moments leading up to the video), Blueface decided to hit Shiggy with a "Stay In Your Lane" style lecture, addressing his fans on Instagram live in the process.

"Listen, if you a comedian and you trying to jump in the rap lane, it's not going to work out the way you think it's going to work out," begins Blueface, while Shiggy appears emotionally distraught in the background. "Just because you got four million followers, the people follow you cause you're a comedian. Once you try to rap, they not going to take you serious." "You drunk," retorts Shiggy, or so it sounds. Blueface's lecture caught the attention of Lil Duval, who found success in hip-hop with his breakout single "Smile." He took to IG to remind Blueface that exceptions can indeed happen, which rubbed the offbeat assassin the wrong way.

 As such, Blueface mounted a retaliatory campaign against Duval, addressing the comedian directly on Instagram. "Lil Duval has entered the chat," says Blueface. "Lil Duval song did not go platinum. It was a nice little viral moment just like everybody has if they got the right resources and utensils. I actually fuck with the song, the song was funny as hell. It was pure comedy. Smile bitch, smile bitch. That's why it went up. He didn't make no hardcore song, no trap song. Dick and pussy, fucking your ho. That's what I was telling Shiggy. You gotta make a comedic song. Fuck!"