Every so often, a song comes around that captivates a generation. Today, "Thotiana" has managed to seize that lofty position against all odds. The Blue-Faced One has been enjoying an admittedly impressive come up, to the point where he's currently performing in front of sold-out crowds. Gone are the days of rocking high-school parking lots. He's in the big leagues now, taking the stage at large arenas. Perhaps the slicked-back eyebrows really have worked wonders.

You have to see it to believe it. Behold, BlueFace in concert, holding it down for a feverishly excited crowd. By the time "Thotiana" queued up, the West Coast rapper didn't even have to do anything. Content to let the backing track play, BlueFace strolled confidently, letting the crowd sing the lyrics for him. That's not to say he doesn't chime in on occasion, but you don't go to a BlueFace show for a display of technical prowess. Clearly, the man has established himself as a voice for the people, whether you put his name on the ballot or not. Give credit where credit is due.