Yet another rapper took to the ring, and this evening (July 23), Blueface went toe-to-toe with Kane Trujillo, a controversial TikTok star who was previously outted for stealing Black creators' content without credit. The rapper was the expected victor in the weeks leading up to the fight, and once they stepped into the ring, viewers accused Trujillo of either not giving any effort or treating the boxing match as a joke.

Blueface put his skills on display and landed a few headshots that seemed to stun Trujillo once or twice, but the real action occurred after the match was over.

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Trujillo and his team are seen in a viral clip congratulating Blueface as the victor, and as people were making their way inside of the ring, a random person rushed the rapper. It looked as if the person was trying to grab or hit Blueface, and security quickly came to his aid and pushed the assailant away. However, Blueface was visibly angry and went after the person.

The video shows Blueface throwing, and landing, a few punches before chaos ensued. Police made their way to the ring as security was trying to get things in order, and the brief moment is being hailed as more exciting than the actual fight. Of course, there have been allegations that this was all staged, but you can take a look at the video and judge for yourself.