Jake Paul has been a major player in the celebrity boxing match circuit, and now, it feels as though everyone wants a piece of the action. Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter recently took part in a boxing match about a month ago, and as you would expect, Odom won the match with relative ease. 

The most recent celebrity to step in the ring is none other than Blueface who went up against TikTok star Kane Trujillo in what proved to be a massive blowout. There was even some drama after the fight as a fan tried to attack Blueface. Of course, this did not end well for the young man as Blueface hit him with a few big punches.

One person who was not impressed with Blueface's performance was none other than Jake Paul, who said that Blueface and 6ix9ine weren't much of a draw because all they do is go to the studio and do drugs. These comments were pretty disparaging and when Blueface caught wind of them, he made sure to let his feelings be known.

"It's funny that he says that being someone who came from the entertainment side to the boxing world," Blueface said. "That's real shallow of him to not view it that way. That's like somebody else coming into the music industry rapping funny to everybody else and I'm bashing him too even though that's how I came up. He's a total clown for that. He looks like an idiot. I think he's full of himself. He's got about what? Two or three fights?"


Timothy Norris/WireImage/Getty Images

Blueface certainly makes a good point here as Jake Paul has faced similar criticism from actual boxers. At the end of the day, Paul was a YouTuber first, and his credibility in boxing isn't where it needs to be to make comments such as the ones he made against Blueface.

You can check out the full scope of Blueface's comments, below.