Some say that romance is dead, but Blueface is here to tell you that it is alive and well—that is, if you define romance as getting "flewd out" for sex and cuddles before someone puts you back on a plane the following day. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, the Power 105.1 radio host asked him if, with all this new "Thostiana" attention he's receiving from women, he's a "good person to date."

The question seems to confuse the rapper as he begins to repeat it back to Martinez before answering, "I'm great." Martinez digs a little deeper, wanting to know if he takes ladies out on dates or romances them, you know, courtship style. Blueface doesn't immediately respond as he searches for the right answer.

"Do you call back?" Martinez asks. "Do you do nice things for them?" Blueface says, "Um...I fly them out. That's nice." Martinez looks at him and shrugs. "What happens when they get...depends what happens when they get there. You fly them out to do what?" As if this wasn't an obvious answer, Blueface says, "To have sex. To have some great sex."

Once Martinez controls her laughter, she asks him what happens after that. "Then we cuddle...I really can't get the flight [back] the same day, so it's gotta be somebody you wanna look at for the night." Again, Martinez cracks up laughing before asking if he's ever mixed up his timing and accidentally flown out more than one lady at a time. "What do you take me for, some kind of whore?" the rapper responded.