Blueface is one of the biggest names in the world right now. He may only have a few songs out but the ones that are popping are really popping. "Thotiana" is one of the hottest songs around, getting airplay in the clubs, the streets and on the radio. He's been working a busy schedule, playing so many shows per week that he probably can't remember which city he was in yesterday. It's all for a good cause though. His life is changing as the time passes and he knows that the fans are looking forward for him to drop some new vibes. He allowed a few cameras to follow him around on tour for thirty-six straight hours, hitting show after show and joking around with his squad. 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Los Angeles native is still a newcomer and we don't know too much about him yet. That will come with time. He felt like opening up to his fans though because he filmed a short vlog, speaking on everything from his success to what he's been doing in his spare time. Blueface is really just having fun right now. He says that he wants to get to a point where he's comfortable so he can just "have sex all day." When asked if he's been having orgies on a nightly basis, he responds in a coy manner, saying that it doesn't happen all the time. He does hook his boys up though. 

During the video, we also learn about how Blueface got signed to Cash Money West before the rapper casually acknowledged how Will Smith made a video to "Thotiana." Watch the vlog below to learn a little more about the artist.