Gone are the days where Blueface asks his fans to Cash App him money for lunch. The Los Angeles rapper no longer needs to depend on others to pay his bills because he's been chosen by the people as the next star in the music industry. While there is still confusion surrounding his unique style, he appears to be growing on people quickly. Or at least, people are interested enough to stream his music, which has resulted in Blueface's bankroll getting higher and higher in recent times.

Those that have followed his career for a while remember when Blueface would ask for his fans to send him money. They would actually come through a lot of the time too. He'll no longer need to even make that request anymore because he's been spending his spare time counting racks. He recently took a trip to the jewelry store to ice out his wrist, keeping in line with how his profile has grown immensely in the last few months. Blue posted a video of himself in the shop as he signed off on his latest purchase: an iced out Rollie. He flexed with his contract, revealing that he paid over $45K for the Rolex watch.

In the clip, he also plays around with his Ben Franklin chain, a symbol that he's got tattooed on his face. Are you turning around on Blueface?