Blueface is quietly having a career-redefining year, putting out some of his best verses in recent memory, opening up a restaurant in Santa Clarita, and winning his first-ever boxing match against TikTok star Kane Trujillo. He's been making headlines all year because of his raucous reality show on OnlyFans, titled BGC, and he continues to have a firm grasp on social media -- especially on TikTok.

The Los Angeles native has crafted a master plan for going viral. He's been authentically himself for as long as we've known him, and post-"Thotiana," the rapper is still striving with so many different projects. Last week, he kicked off his professional fighting career with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship league, winning his exhibition match before getting into another scuffle when a fan rushed the ring. Blue knew he was going to defeat his opponent, revealing his pre-fight game plan in an exclusive interview with HNHH.

Ever since he sparred with YK Osiris in his backyard a couple of years ago, Blueface has wanted to jump into the boxing ring, and now that he's got one win under his belt, he wants to face off against one of his longtime rivals, angling for a fight against Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Read through our interview with Blueface below to find out how he prepared for his fight against Kane Trujillo, how he celebrated post-match, his challenge for 6ix9ine, and much more.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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HNHH: What's your mindset going into your fight against Kane Trujillo?

Blueface: Don’t tire myself out. Go in for the knockout, take my punches. Don’t go for the okie-doke, be the okie-doke. 

What made you want to get into the ring in the first place?

I was always up for it. I don’t know if you saw me and YK [Osiris] boxing in my backyard like two years ago, but that was just for fun. As soon as they started putting entertainers in there, I wanted to be first. 

Did you personally select Kane Trujillo as your opponent, or was he chosen for you?

Yeah, it was chosen for me. I guess he chose me. I told the promoter anybody. A week later, he came to me and was like “Hey, we got this guy who wants to box you.” I thought alright, fuck it. I’m sure more challenges will come my way, better challenges.

Who do you have in mind after Kane, once you defeat him?

I would love to whoop 6ix9ine’s ass, for sure. Fuck the height difference, we weigh about the same. So let’s set it up, if not him, then someone else in my weight class.

Do you think 6ix9ine would ever agree to that? We’ve seen some back and forth between you guys on social media, but he hasn’t agreed to anything yet.

I don’t see why not, you know? He’s not doing much more than I am at this moment. It’s not like it’s more beneficial for me than him, and it’s not like it’s more beneficial for him than me.

Your Instagram account got deleted the other week. You suggested 6ix9ine was behind that. What exactly happened?

I put up a post about him beating up his baby mama. I don’t understand why he’s down for that but won’t fight me with gloves on. He reported those posts as bullying and harassment. I have screenshots and all that type of shit that says, “this post is being reported for bullying and harassment.”

I was going to ask if things have cooled off with him, but since you still want to fight him, I’m assuming there are still problems there?

I don’t really care for the guy, honestly. It’s not like I have some sort of personal vendetta. I was minding my business and getting my little head tat and whatnot, he decided to comment and reflect on it. So this is the repercussion.

Speaking on that, why did you decide to get your jeweler's business tattooed on your head of all places? 

Well, that was the only place I really had open. I wanted to finish my head. It really fit perfectly with my lineup. I wanted something to go hand in hand with my line up and that was just the best place for it.

Last week, you released your new single “TikTok.” Could you tell me about that record and all the new music you're working on right now?

That record is inspired by TikTok, I’ve been on it for a while. I’ve been inspired by the way they accept music on there and make their own thing of it and it’s not so industry. You never know what’s going to partake on TikTok, so I fuck with them based on just that. I got a collab album coming with DDG, we working on that still. Opened a restaurant, got the boxing match, got the reality show on OnlyFans. Got a lot of shit going on.

In the music video, you’re showing off your acting skills a little bit. Do you want to take on more acting opportunities in the future?

Yeah, I would love to. All it takes is a phone call for me. If anybody has a role that they see me playing, I would definitely be the best at it. Better than any other rapper, I could actually do it for real.

You said you’ve been on TikTok for a while. What are your thoughts on the platform in general with more people, including your opponent Kane Trujillo, getting famous off of that?

I fuck with TikTok honestly, it’s a whole other crowd that’s really in tune with what they’re in tune with. They’re watching the videos longer, paying more attention rather than Instagram and Twitter, which has the fuckery and the trolling. TikTok has the real fans on there, the people that really love you. As opposed to Twitter and Instagram, where it’s fifty percent your fans, fifty percent your haters following you for both reasons.

Do you have a preference between Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok?

For sure TikTok, I ain’t make no song about Twitter or Instagram.

You went viral earlier this year for your verse on OG Bobby Billions' song “Outside.” People really loved that track -- I saw some tweets where people were surprised that you were actually rapping on-beat. Are there going to be more songs where you’re sticking with that style moving forward?

I’m not sure if you heard the remix to “Moonwalking in Calabasas,” I feel like that one was more of a thing. I think with this one it’s more of the content and the words that I’m saying, more than it is about me being on-beat. I’ve been switching my style, you know, growth. Of course, I’ve been doing this shit for a while now so I can only get better. I can only try and experiment with sounds and new shit. I already succeeded with what I came in with. 

You have your reality show on OnlyFans, you’re still releasing new music, you got the restaurant, you got celebrity boxing. You have your hands in a lot, what’s your main focus right now?

Winning this fight, that’s my main focus. Winning in style, not just winning by looks or fashion. Just totally outboxing my opponent.

Do you have anything special planned for the fight?

I ain’t smoked since I’ve started this training. I really want to smoke as soon as this is over. I’ve been sober for a month and a half, it’s kind of boring.

You’re building your name as an A&R too, signing a few artists, including Chrisean Rock. What do you look for when you're thinking of signing an artist?

I try to see what I see in myself. I wasn’t the best sound creator, but I had something different. That’s really what it’s all about with this generation. Everybody has their own sound, this or that way of being. For me personally, I look for more star quality. People just noticing you for being yourself, and without you trying too hard. I don’t know if you heard my first original few songs, but they were really off of the fucking wall and nothing you’ve ever heard before. That’s what took me there. If I had an inspirational song from this person to that person, I wouldn’t be on this FaceTime call with you right now. That’s what I’m looking for, just different. It ain’t gotta be a good different, it could be a bad different. 

What was it about Chrisean in particular that made you want to sign her and get close to her?

She started on my reality show. I didn’t know she was doing music and whatnot. I was just focused on the show, then one episode I took them to the studio. Some of the girls had music, some didn’t. She was sort of the main focus of the show, she already has star quality of just being noticed more than others. If you put ten people in a lineup, whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or the worst, the person who sticks out the most is going to have better chances in this industry. She’s one of those and she has music I actually like, which made all the difference for me. It wasn’t no shake my ass, suck your dick type shit. It was different.

The other week, you opened your restaurant, Blue’s Fish & Soul, in Santa Clarita. How’s everything going with that?

It’s going fantastic. I probably made twenty, thirty percent back of what I initially invested in just one month. That’s including employees, payroll, and the budget to buy the food every day. I wasn’t even looking for a restaurant when I bought it. Same thing with Chrisean, I’m not chasing these endeavors, they just kind of appear right in front of me and I don’t let them pass.

Do you feel like you're manifesting your success at all? Are you thinking of goals for yourself? As you said, the opportunities seem to just be falling in your lap.

I’m just trying out new things, and with trying new things, things are just appearing right in front of me. Like how Chrisean came from the reality show, I wasn’t looking for an artist. That led to that. I wasn’t looking for no restaurant, I just found it on a bad day. This boxing match I wasn’t looking for, I was at a boxing match when a promoter approached me. That’s how it’s all coming about. I’m not forcing nothing, I’m not chasing nothing. I’m just presented with it and I’m either yaying or naying it.

Was it at the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight where they approached you?

No, it was at the DDG fight. I walked DDG out where it was YouTubers vs TikTokers. I was ringside, the promoter was also ringside.

You were also at the Logan Paul fight though. You said you spent $12,000 on your ticket, right?

Yeah, I was there too. I was in the box, high up when it was raining. We were in the right place to be on that day. Being up there, I wouldn’t have seen no promoter or anything. So luckily, I had another chance at being at a boxing match. They were my first two times ever.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on sporting event tickets?

Probably that honestly. I ain’t been to no NBA games or anything. I was going to get floor seats before coronavirus hit. Them shits were high up, like $20K.

You’re very close with DDG. You said earlier that you two are working on a collaborative album. He’s on the XXL Freshman list this year. What is it about DDG that stands out to you?

Before “Moonwalking in Calabasas,” I would see him in and out of the radio stations. He actually stays out in L.A. I used to go to these high schools and perform my tracks on top of a U-Haul. I took him with me at the time, he was just doing YouTube and trying to get his music out there. He wanted to work with me, but he didn’t have a song I wanted to get on at the time. So I was just like, “Hey, come along with me to these high schools and let’s try this out.” He performed with me, and we just hit it off since then. We went to San Diego after that and got an Airbnb after and had a little party, and that’s what inspired my verse. I heard “Moonwalking in Calabasas” maybe months after this occasion and was like, “Yeah, that’s the one. Send that to me.” That’s how that came about.

How do you think he did in XXL Freshman? Did you see his freestyle?

He had the best freestyle in that class, for sure.

What are your thoughts on the XXL Freshman list in general? You were on there a few years ago, but do you think that they should change the way that it's structured? Are freestyles and cyphers still necessary with the artists being selected every year?

I think it’s definitely still necessary. People are entertained by them, the good ones and the bad ones. I think it’s a good thing, I fuck with XXL. I still think my class... nobody fuckin with my class. We had DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, Megan Thee Stallion, me, Gunna, Lil Mosey, and we all still going.

Before you turn 30, is there anything specific that you want to accomplish in life?

Not necessarily, I just want more than what I got now. That’s all I’m really going for.

Good luck with the fight, man! Thank you for taking the time today.

Peace and thank you.

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