Thousands of people are outraged after Logan Paul's fight against legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Many were expecting the undefeated fighter to knock the YouTuber out, paying good money to watch the loudmouth get punched in his mouth, but the match-up ended up going the distance, lasting all eight rounds. If you've been checking the post-fight coverage on Twitter, you surely have seen all the comments from people asking for their money back after what was deemed a "boring" fight. Even those that were live in attendance, including rapper Blueface, are regretful over their big-money decisions to watch the fight.

Revealing that he paid over $12,000 to watch the match live, Blueface posted on his story that he wishes he would have just stayed home.

Ollie Millington/Getty Images

"I'm mad as a motherf*cker," said Blueface after the night ended. "I spent like $12,000 for this... Never again."

The rapper was hanging out around Akon, who he asked whether this was the worst boxing match of all time. "The worst?" asked Akon. "Nah, that wasn't the worst," he said, disagreeing with Blueface's overdramatization.

Blueface surely isn't the only person who was disappointed about last night. Reactions from the public have been loud, commenting on how much "hugging" happened during the bout, the performances beforehand, and more. 

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