They may have had their differences in the past, but Blueface's mother has her son's back. It was months ago when Blueface, his mother, and his sister made headlines over a controversial video that circulated showing the rapper kicking his family out of his home. They engaged in social media back and forths—his sister even released a diss track—but it looks as if they've mended their strained relationship and are working on being a stronger family.

Blueface Mom
Liliane Lathan / Stringer / Getty Images

However, just because Blueface puts one scandal to bed doesn't mean there aren't a few more that followed. He recently filmed a music video at his home with a bevy of women, many of whom were engaged in a violent altercation. The video of that incident quickly made its way through social media platforms, as well, and as soon as that died down, he returned with drama with the mother of his son.

Blueface recorded an incident with Jaidyn Alexis where she's seen destroying his property, including allegedly keying his luxury whip. The rapper is heard laughing it off and egging Jaidyn on. In response to the drama, Blueface's mother shared a post of the rapper in his high school days, wearing his football uniform while hugged up with what looks to be a younger Jaidyn. "Praying for all of y'all," she penned in the caption. "Where are the OG's with the advice for these new millennial rich kids. @snoopdogg @icecube @llcoolj @wack100." No word on if anyone has reached out, but in the meantime, check out the posts below.