While Blueface has seemingly been undergoing a sonic transformation with his recent releases, he's also been getting his business right. Last year, the rapper launched his series on OnlyFans surrounding Blueface's Bad Girls Club. However, his latest entrepreneurial venture is far more wholesome than the controversial show. Last week, he announced that he opened a soul food restaurant called Blue's Fish & Soul.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Fans have been wondering how Blueface ended up becoming the owner of the only soul food restaurant in the Santa Clarita area. The rapper hopped on TMZ to explain the elaborate story that ended with the purchase of this new restaurant. The rapper said that it began when his car was stolen from the valet at the airport. "When I got back [from Miami], the valet acted like I never parked my car there so I'm like, okay. So I had to call the police and whatnot. Come to find out my car was stolen out of valet," he explained.

Blueface immediately headed to the nearest Benz dealership to purchase another car. The Benz dealership just so happened to be up the street from the restaurant that he now calls Blue's Fish & Soul.

"In the process of buying the car, I was hungry so I went this fish market and the guy was like, 'Yo, I got somebody finna come buy it. I know you asked me about it.' I've been there before and I asked him to buy in with him. I never asked him to fully take over," Blueface recalled. "He's like, 'I know you asked me about it. I'm selling it. I got somebody coming right now to buy it.' I was like, 'call him and tell him no 'cause I finna pay you extra.'"

While having your car stolen is certainly a terrible experience, it turned out okay for Blueface.