In case you missed it, don't care, or simply live in denial, Nickelodeon classic Blue's Clues is making a comeback. While the unblinking, soul-crunching stare of beloved host Steven Michael Burns is a difficult phenomenon to replicate, it seems as if reboot host Joshua Dela Cruz has dedicated himself to capturing the spirit. Does he blink? The answer is no, no he does not. That in itself should gain the reboot a few points. Yet people who will likely never watch a single episode of the rebooted series have taken to Twitter to complain about its existence, questioning how the sanctity of the original could ever dare be tampered with. 

Of course, Blue's Clues likely holds sentimental value for many who continue to view their childhood staples through a nostalgic lens. Yet the reboot has elicited several strong responses, with many criticizing the decision to go with a fully-CGI Blue; not only that, but the pining for former host Steve has also emerged as a strong point of contention. Still, newcomer Josh appears more than capable of filling in, and to see him torn down by people who won't even watch the updated series to begin with raises many questions about the current state of affairs. Still, it's not all bad, as some have found his casting inspirational, especially where television representation is concerned. 

Either way you stand, Blue's Clues is set to return in the imminent future. Expect many references from Ski Mask The Slump God to follow.