B.O.B. Puts The Woke On Blast "Good N****r Sticker" Music Video

July 05, 2018 18:21

The social commentary channels "Get Out," carnival horror and video games.

This new B.o.B. bangs hard. His most recent project, NAGA, dropped last night. In honor of the occasion, the Atlanta rapper unleashed visuals for the album's third track,"Good N****r Sticker." The song puts the social construct of blackness on blast, whether it be the problematic ideals placed upon individuals within or without the black community. It deals with the idea that some being "one of the good ones" and how this makes particular people adhere to counterintuitive beliefs in pursuit of validation. The music video bolsters the song's meaning with an enticing narrative. The "good n****r" goes through his day, earning stickers from the white man in the sky as he makes supposedly good decisions. The journey highlights the absurdity of contemporary virtues. It even puts vegans on blast. Hoteps get there moment at the end of the video in the context of a classroom. The setting is a perfect representation of those who seek truth just to fall into a more obscure type of indoctrination. This whole production bears admirable depth.

B.o.B.'s NAGA is probably meant to be his last studio album. If this is indeed the end, he would be exiting out of the game with strong material.

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