B.O.B. has revealed his plan to leave the rap game with one final oeuvre. The controversial ATLien shared artwork for NAGA, his final album slated for release on July 5th, shortly after "hunting season." The imagery on the cover is simply out of character, but his rap persona has shown him more than capable of taking imaginary leaps. On a personal level, B.O.B. has represented rather "objective" side of argumentation, well before Kanye West became the poster child for stirring the pot.

As you can see, the NAGA cover art takes us stumbling down a jungle alcove, and perhaps into the mind of a frenzied rapper who envisions colors before meaning. His last album Ether, released in 2017, also featured a jungle motif, which a lot of his fans safely assumed was a continuation of his Elements series, an assertion he neither confirmed nor denied.

His own sense of intrigue may be something we took for granted, as far the hip hop landscape in Atlanta is concerned. When Andre 3000 faded out of view, he didn't leave behind his air of acceptance towards eccentricity. The closest thing we have to that today, on acceptable terms, is Young Thug.

Maybe when all said is done, we will dote on NAGA and forget his eyebrow-raising comments, thereby remembering him the way he wanted to be perceived in the first place.