A countdown was added to Bobby Shmurda's website, leading to the morning of his birthday on August 4. The rapper, who is currently incarcerated, is expected to get out of prison this year and, with the new countdown, fans were under the impression that something big could be on the way from the GS9 figure. Maybe an album release? A new single? Possibly even his release from prison??

Well, it looks like we were all duped. It has now been confirmed that the domain, which was hosted by bobbyshmurda.com, does not actually belong to the rapper. The countdown that was once leading us to speculate on what could be happening on August 4 has been removed, being replaced by a message about mental health.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

"Kanye's recent mental breakdown reminded us that our lives are fucking tough, billionaires or not. We all pretend we're cool but we aren't genuinely happy, and we dread every morning. Our only relief is the weekend," writes the website.

It promotes an app called Leepse, which was apparently created for us all to enjoy our weekdays more so that we don't need to countdown incessantly toward each weekend.

At the bottom of the website, there is a message saying, "We only got love for bobby (email us) but we had 452 dollars left to get viral."

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Go viral, they did. It looks like we're still left wondering when our guy Bobby will be free.