It's the headline that we've all waited to read for years and finally, we're overjoyed to report that New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is a free man. The "Hot N***a" hitmaker was released from prison on Tuesday morning, getting picked up in a private jet by Quavo of the Migos and reconnecting with his mother via FaceTime. His current plan is reportedly to have a chilled day with family, enjoying a home-cooked meal with his loved ones and getting back to the studio tonight. 

After his release was widely reported across most major hip-hop news outlets, social media was quick to react to the 26-year-old man's newfound freedom, celebrating with congratulatory messages and statements. Of course, the memes are also quickly circulating as people theorize that Bobby's cap from the "Hot N***a" video is preparing itself to land back on the rapper's head after he threw it seven years ago. 

A few weeks ago, Bobby's partner Rowdy Rebel was also released from prison, being welcomed back with open arms from the rap community. Now that they're both free men, many are expecting them to link up in the studio for a "First Day Out" record. Hopefully, that arrives soon because, when it does, it will be sure to generate a ton of attention.

Welcome home, Bobby. Let us know how you feel about his release from prison in the comments section.