If it wasn't already clear, Bobby Shmurda's release from prison has once again set all eyes on the New York rapper. And while there is definitely an interest in seeing how he bounces back in the studio, for the most part, his loyal fans are simply happy to see him living life as a free man once again. So much so that when he joined Rowdy Rebel for his first official Instagram Live session since returning home, a substantial number of people tuned in to see how Shmurda was doing.

Bobby Shmurda

Paras Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

At its peak, Shmurda's IG Live session drew in some impressive viewership numbers, peaking at one-hundred-and-fifty-five-thousand as per a report from DJ Akademiks. Considering it has been six-years since Shmurda went away, with little in the way of new music to sustain his buzz in the interim, it's certainly an impressive tally.

Though the pair were initially thwarted by the technological advances that transpired during their respective prison stays, the troubleshooting session was all the more endearing. Despite his relatively brief appearance, many fans were quick to notice that Shmurda appeared happy and notably at ease, enjoying his freedom by taking a drive with some friends. Alas, the pair did not discuss any plans of a musical nature, but don't be surprised to hear Shmurda return to the studio in the coming weeks, especially as he retains such momentum. 

In case you missed it, check out a video clip of Bobby Shmurda's first IG live appearance since his release from prison embedded below.