Yesterday was a huge day in the world of music. Bobby Shmurda finally came home. For six whole years, the rapper's been locked up as the fans and the streets kept his name alive. He was welcomed back home to a shower of praise on the Internet, specifically from his comrades in the music industry. It was Quavo who kept his word and personally picked up Shmurda on a private jet. As the two linked up and counted cash for the camera, Bobby made sure to give Quavo his flowers for his loyalty.

Brad Barket/Getty Images 

"Come here, come here," said Bobby as he waved down Quavo. "Do your thing, it's your time," Quavo responds but Bobby is persistent. "Come here. My brother right here. Man, he ain't never switch up, the whole 6 years," continued Bobby.

It's unclear whether Bobby has been back in the studio since he was released from prison but it seems like the ShMigo project could be on its way soon. Towards the tail end of 2019, Quavo tweeted that he spoke to Shmurda and hinted towards a release in 2020. Evidently, that didn't happen but he did add "SHMIGO ALERT" in the tweet so it seems like there are still discussions about the project.

We're excited to see what Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel get up to now that they're both out.