We haven't received Bobby Shmurda's "First Day Out" track, but we've witnessed a few of his celebrations with friends. Quavo and the crew hopped a private jet to pick up Shmurda as soon as he was freed from prison. The "Hot N*gga" rapper served just over six years of his seven-year sentence—and sentence that he agreed to in order for his good friend Rowdy Rebel to receive time. In his first 24 hours, GQ magazine was on the scene to speak with Shmurda for his first post-prison interview, and it's clear that while the music industry is still an interest for the rapper, he has his eyes set on expanding his business moves in real estate and other investments.

In the interview, Shmurda revealed that he spent time in solitary confinement and during his stint, Quavo was as supportive as he could be, offering advice however he could. Shmurda said he spent his time immersed in law books. “I only want to talk about real estate now. Ask anybody. [This morning] I said, ‘Quavo—real estate!’ and he’s like, ‘Chill, you just got out.’ They made me a monster now,” Bobby said. Then, he turned serious.

“You’re like an animal in a f*cking cage. And you're mentally a monster. Physically a monster. Spiritually a monster. They aren't going to know what to do with you," he added. "I know what y'all like. I know what y'all don't like. Y'all don't like to see young, Black rich n*ggas. So I'm going to get real rich on y'all. I'm going to make it legit, though. They want to see you n*ggas back selling crack. You know what I mean? Going to jail and sh*t. And I'm going to make it legit now.”

Bobby also shared that he'd spoken with the late Nipsey Hussle about getting actively involved in real estate and other ventures, as well. “I only had four or five conversations with cousin."  Shmurda claimed that his last conversation with Nipsey occurred just one month before he was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. “His mind was different. He was saying all the things we were going to do when I got out.”