If music doesn't end up working for Bobby Shmurda, there's always OnlyFans.

The New York rap star was released from prison this week, getting let out ten months early on Tuesday morning. As the world waits for new music from the "Hot N***a" rapper, who was awarded four new certifications this week, including a 5-time platinum plaque for the aforementioned record, Bobby is getting acclimated to the new world that he's been locked away from for six years. He's learning about how to sustain himself as a pop culture phenomenon and he knows that, with the ladies, it helps to have some sex appeal. The GS9 rapper showed off that he can be a sex symbol if he wants to be, sharing a new thirst trap photo on Instagram.

"Hem woke up like this," wrote Bobby, standing inside his high-rise apartment in New York City and rocking sunglasses, gold jewelry, black boxer-briefs, and no shirt. "Chocolate city n***a go get a tan."

In the comments, people are waking up with some thirsty remarks for the 26-year-old artist, also flooding his mentions and telling the star to release a song with vocals from the late Pop Smoke. On Wednesday night, Bobby posted videos listening to the "Hello" artist, which prompted a barrage of people clamoring for a collaboration between the two. Unfortunately, the logistics behind that would be pretty tricky, but it would be a huge look for Bobby to come back with a posthumous feature from Pop Smoke.

Since his release from prison, Bobby has been going crazy on Instagram, seeing his follower count jump by over 3 million. Before he got out, he was stuck at 900,000 followers but, just a few days later, he's sitting at 4 million.

Are you liking the new Sex Symbol Bobby Shmurda?