Bobby Shmurda has been trending on Twitter for the last twenty-four hours. A previous report had listed his next parole hearing for today, on his birthday. Unfortunately, Bobby's fans will need to be a little more patient because, as his mother just confirmed, his parole hearing is actually in two weeks.

People have been celebrating the seemingly imminent release of Bobby Shmurda, who was rumored to have a parole hearing today. That hearing will actually take place on August 18, his mom has confirmed.

Leslie Pollard, Bobby's mom, was in contact with The Shade Room, to which she issued a statement.

"The parole hearing is scheduled for August 18th. We [are] very confident that things will go well, and as always we know God will see us through, he always does," she said.

It looks like we can shut down the welcoming parade for another fortnight. 

Although Bobby will not be coming home today, there are rumors that he is gearing up to release new music with Epic Records. Those reports have not been confirmed but many people will surely agree that it's a long time coming. Six years, to be exact.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

We will keep you posted on any further updates in Bobby's case.