A personal take on women sharing thirst traps on social media has turned Bobby Valentino into a meme. It's a common daily occurrence to see women share photos of themselves in lingerie, bikinis, or whatever shows off their *ahem* assets, and while the "likes" and compliments pour in by the tens of thousands for some ladies, not everyone approves of the look.

Bobby Valentino took to his Instagram Story to drop a thought or two about the topic, joking that he can't imagine what some women look like covered up.

Bobby Valentino, Thirst Traps, Backlash, Twitter
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty Images

"You b*tches be naked so much on this app I be wondering how y'all look in clothes [crying laughing emojis]," the singer wrote. "Like sis might be cute in a turtle neck [crying laughing emojis]." Soon, Bobby V was hit with a slew of responses in objection to his comments and he returned with a video where he questioned why the public cared about his opinion so much.

"If I'm so washed up and lame, why do y'all care so much about what I do?" Bobby asked. "I don't understand that. Somebody that's lame and washed up. I wouldn't even be checkin' for him like that. I'm still tryin' to understand that, too." Still, the internet was unrelenting. Check out Bobby V, along with a few reactions, below.