Drake is never one to take all the credit to himself. Drake loves to give back to his crew, as seen in the lyrics to his latest smash hit "God's Plan" where he sings, "Without 40, Oli, there'd be no me. Imagine if I never met the broskies." While the lyric doesn't shout out Boi-1da directly, we're sure Drizzy shows plenty of love to the OVO Sound producer who has been with him from the jump. After all, Boi-1da has been responsible or at least collaborated with other producers, to create "Best I Ever Had," "0 To 100," "Controlla," and now "God's Plan," which have all been some of Drake's biggest tracks to date.

Boi-1da sat down with Rolling Stone to chat about the creation of Drake's latest hit "God's Plan" in contrast to "Diplomatic Immunity" and detailed how everything came together. The producer is humble, claiming that much of the credit should go to Cardo, who produced the majority of the track, saying, "Drake had that halfway finished already. I just came in and added to it. The record started with him and [producer] Cardo. I came in and changed the whole bounce to it. I can't take credit for the whole record – it really started with Cardo. It came together pretty well."

He continues to talk about the differences between "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity, which were released at the same time. He says that the songs are meant for different audiences, proclaiming, "The purpose of 'Diplomatic Immunity' was to feed the hardcore rap audience. 'God's Plan' was to feed everybody." The interview is telling as Boi-1da details how we began working with Drake, how he spotted his talent right off the bat and his focus for the next year. Check out the full interview here.