Boldy James Connects With Old Friends The Cool Kids & Shorty K On "Pots And Pans"

Rose Lilah
July 08, 2020 10:25
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Pots And Pans

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Boldy James connects with former affiliates, The Cool Kids and Shorty K on "Pots and Pans."

Is it 2010? This artist line-up might have you thinking so. It's pretty amazing to see how Boldy James' career has been re-shaped and is taking off, once again, after a bit of a lull. The Detroit rapper, who is also blood cousins with Chuck Inglish, first rose to internet prominence back in 2011 with his Trapper's Alley mixtape, which is still a very dope listen if you've never heard it ("Home Invasion" is as hard as ever). The follow up mixtapes, as well, including Consignment and Jammin' 30 in the Morning. However Boldy remained a more obscure, underground figure. He signed to Mass Appeal briefly, where he released his debut album My 1st Chemistry Set, but he didn't really get a chance to flourish.

Now, the rapper is back at it with some assistance from the Alchemist and a new co-sign from the Griselda camp. Boldy has always been extremely dexterous and technical with his words and flow, so it's a perfect match for him to link his skillset with someone like Alchemist. Although, it does mean his sound has evolved and changed since he first broke out-- with initial production from people like Brains, Tye Hill, Big Duke and Blended Babies, his sound was a bit darker and harder, and with The Alchemist it's become a bit more boom-bap-influenced. I cannot understate how good yet overlooked Boldy's early music was (!).

After dropping their second joint effort together, The Price of Tea in China back in February, the two are readying a deluxe edition with four new songs. Today we're being treated to one of those songs, which features The Cool Kids and Shorty K - both were fixtures in the blog era. Shorty K in particular has been noticeably absent, while The Cool Kids have more or less been weaving in and out of the rap game, coming back together on certain occasions. It appears Boldy James' music is one such occasion. And it's dope to see these former affiliates all link back up on the clanging, and aptly-titled "Pots and Pans."

Let us know if you're a fan of Boldy yet.

Quotable Lyrics

Two twin Glocks with thirties, call 'em Tia and Tamera
Fours on the Riviera, VLONE in the Carrera
Leone, that Sierra, couple whole ones in the spare
Caught your baby in the mirror, putting on her mascara
Couldn't tell her we was dirty cause I didn’t wanna scare her
This the reason I was spirit, told her keep me in her prayers
We be wreaking all the havoc, we be bringing all the terror

- Boldy

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