It was reported a few days ago that filming for Bond 25 was being delayed because of director Cary Fukunaga's video game habit. The report claimed that Fukunaga would halt production so he can continue playing PlayStation, which sounds absolutely absurd. Considering how messy Bond 25 has been so far, we wouldn't exactly be surprised if Fukunaga actually did leave the set to go game but he's clearing up that rumour, updating us all on his Red Dead Redemption 2 progress and claiming he has no time to finish the game.

David Livingston/Getty Images 

The filmmaker must have heard about the rumours because he hit Instagram with an update, praising production designer and telling everyone that he just doesn't have time to sit down at his PS4. After a nice message for one of his colleagues, Fukunaga wrote, "As for my PS4 relationship, if my RDR2 progress is any indication, it’s been stunted at 63% for months and if anyone spoils the end for me before I wrap on B25 I’m going to be pissed."

In case that flew over your head, the director is denying the reports that he's been stalling production to ride horses and rob trains. Hopefully, all the smoke surrounding Bond 25 means the film will be good because with all the nonsense being reported, we're a little worried.