Since signing to Eminem's label Shady Records back in 2017, Compton rapper Boogie has been taking the rap world by storm with some solid tracks and slick rhymes. His new album Everything's For Sale has features from artists like 6lack and J.I.D and has been praised by critics thus far. While the album only just came out, it appears as though Boogie is hungry to keep creating music, as he teased the idea of a new album while on Instagram live.

"I'm not waiting four year, I'm trying to drop in the summer for real for real," Boogie said. "I'm trying to tour real quick though."

A Boogie tour would be interesting to see especially if it coincides alongside a new album. He is one of the most interesting up and coming artists out right now, and his fans are most likely looking to see how he develops his sound and style over his next few projects.

On his latest song "Soho" with J.I.D, Boogie shows off his skill, rapping the lines "Uh, don't force my hand/I'm forced to squeeze/Unfortunately, I'm forced to clean the earth/And feed my seed with dreams that's been through dirt, f***/Uh, I'm forced to chain/My course, I'm cursed, of course remorse is gone/I seen my bros get turned to corpse/I'm forced to see em' using force and still they're free in court, uh."

Would you be looking forward to seeing Boogie on tour?