With his Shady Records debut set to drop on Friday, Boogie took some time to stop by the Hot 97 studios for a brief, yet jam packed conversation. "Shout out to Em, man," reflects Boogie, before explaining how his Shady partnership came to be. "Everyone think when you get signed, oh it's lit, you finna make a million. But it got way tougher. My life got way harder since I signed. About a year and a half ago, I got a call that Em was rocking with me. It was so random, honestly. I was high as shit." Rosenberg inquires about Boogie's "things got harder" claim, and the rapper explains much of it was self-delivered.

"I think it's the pressure I put on myself," he elaborates. "Knowing how good I am, and thinking that everything finna change. Pressure from friends in the neighborhood. I come from a little hood in Compton." He also explains that many are ignorant toward the inner working of the business, "how much you gotta do on the internet, inside the building." Though he was initially put off by the industry politics, he eventually came to the realization that he was living out his dream, and should "quit bitchin'" as a result.

Eventually, he opens up about meeting Eminem, and being flown out to "some big ass studio" in Detroit. Though he does clarify that "Jay-Z is [his] favorite rapper of all time," Boogie expresses love for Em's music long before the signing. "Every hood n***a love 8 Mile, for some reason," he chuckles. "I was really surprised that he knew, not just the popular songs I got on the internet, but my deep mixtape cuts. My emotional songs. He was telling me he wasn't trying to change nothing, and that was the biggest thing for me."

There's more where that came from, including a hilarious moment when two children, who are evidently being babysat by Boogie, barge into the studio, demanding snacks and goodies in a deadpan fashion. Boogie's patience is tested as the children persist in their demands, prompting the rapper to think on his feet. Respect to Boogie, and be sure to support his upcoming Everything's For Sale album, dropping this Friday.