Boogie's Top 5 Thirsty Social Media Experiences

Danny Schwartz
October 28, 2016 11:43

Boogie reveals his thirstiest social media encounters.

A significant amount of Boogie's excellent new mixtape Thirst 48 Part II is about the intricacies of interacting with women in social media. We asked Boogie to share his five thirstiest social media encounters:

5. Boogie explained how his habit of tweeting out requests for weed while on tour yielded a sour moment: "This dude hit me back quick, he had all the grams for me... I got him a backstage pass for me and Denzel [Curry]'s show. He came back there and only had a paper rolled because he just wanted to smoke with me and see Denzel. He didn't even care that he was coming to my show, he just wanted to meet Denzel Curry. Even though that's the homie."

4. T"here's a singer named NAO. I've probably followed her and unfollowed her three times because I want to work with her. I usually want to fake-want to work with some girls because I just want to have sex with them after, but I genuinely wanted to work with her and she never followed me back. So that was thirsty on my part."

3. There's a dude I went to city college with named Calloway Photography. I never talked to him but I just know this is his Instagram because I've seen his face. He's followed me and unfollowed me at least 100 times. No lie. I did the NAO thing like three times. This nigga did it for sure 100 times."

2. "Another one would be my tape, Thirst 48 Part II. Who makes a tape about the same girl that many times? It's the third tape with me talking about the same person. So that's super, super thirsty. That might top everything."

1. "There's this girl. I guess she seen the 'Oh My' video and she thought I was a super, super hood dude and wanted my girl to be hood like me, even though I'm not that hood. She sent me the longest DM about how she got five cases and how she known in these streets and I can look her name up and how she's a real one in these streets. That was probably the sickest DM I ever got in my life. For sure. And I got a random fingerbang text the other day from somebody."

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Boogie's Top 5 Thirsty Social Media Experiences