We all know that Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil Boosie, is stuck in his old school ways but when he ranted about Dwyane Wade's decision to support his 12-year-old transgender daughter Zaya, he definitely crossed a line. The Baton Rouge rap icon recorded a video of himself speaking about Wade's appearance on Ellen where he out explained his decision to support his daughter, who was born Zion Wade. Boosie Badazz ended up misgendering the little girl, earning major backlash on social media as a result. Young Thugfound himself in a similar position. Because of his comments, Boosie was subsequently banned from a Planet Fitness location, which caused him to spew further homophobic slurs.

"MANAGER WHO WAS GAY REFUSED TO LET ME N PLANET FITNESS BECAUSE OF MY PAST ACTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT GENDER," wrote Boosie on Instagram, saying in the video that the man was also upset that he referred to one of their employees as a "f****t" He went on to post the address of the location in question, calling for a boycott of their services and claiming that they have roaches. "THEY HAVE ROACHES , N THEY SHOWER WATER DONT GET HOT," he said.

Boosie Badazz has gotten caught in hot water over his previous comments about gender and sexuality. His rant about Zaya Wade is simply the most recent instance of it.