Though Boosie Badazz has developed a reputation as one of, if not these, funniest rappers in the game (though his unapologetic takes certainly aren't for the faint of heart), it shouldn't be forgotten that the man is considered an OG for a reason. There's no disputing that Boosie has developed his own code throughout the years, and has no qualms with speaking his mind when the occasion calls for it.

 Boosie Badazz

 Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Today, the fan-favorite rapper has taken a moment to reflect on a major life milestone, one that might have altered his fate completely had it gone another way. Eight years ago, the rapper was found not guilty in a murder trial, which transpired following the death of a man named Terry Boyd. Had he been convicted, Boosie would be facing the death penalty. It should be noted that while Boosie did beat the murder charge, he was incarcerated on several drug charges, which pushed his prison time total to five years served.

Given all the antics that Boosie has since provided, including an upcoming and sure-to-be out of control reality series called Badazz Boosie, it's hard to imagine what might have been. In any case, it's clear that Boosie is grateful for his second chance, offering up one word on his Instagram page: "Solid." Can you imagine the game without Boosie Badazz in it? Hip-hop social media would never be the same.