Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil Boosie, basically lives his life as one long live-stream session. The man is constantly going live for his followers, letting them into his daily routine and generally just being outlandish for his audience. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a recent robbery when his car was broken into, resulting in $70K worth of jewelry being taken from the vehicle. Before that happened, he nearly found himself in some trouble at the gas station before he escaped narrowly, just missing an angry gas station clerk who surely realized that the rapper had driven off with the gas pump after smoking a little bit too much weed. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Have you ever gotten so high that you forget what you're doing at that current moment? Boosie Badazz can relate. The Baton Rouge recording artist was recently filming himself as he lit up a fat blunt, taking away the stress of the day while filling up his car's tank. Somehow, he forgot that he was at the gas station before pulling off with the pump still attached to his whip though, disconnecting the applicator and realizing shortly thereafter. "Oh man, I took the fucking thang out," exclaims Boosie hilariously before getting out, taking it out of his car and driving off in a speedy manner.

As some people in the comments have noted, gas pumps are usually magnetically connected, which prevents any sort of damage in case you get too high and try to drive off with it. Thus, Boosie is probably in the clear. Now, he's just got to get his jewelry back. 

Watch the funny video below.