Brutally honest and seldom politically correct, Boosie Badazz' propensity for telling it like it is have made him a hero to the streets, one who has earned the respect of his peers, especially in the Southern scene. Though he may be enjoying a second wind as one of hip-hop's funniest Instagram personalities, the Louisiana rapper has been putting in work for nearly two decades. Unapologetic and occasionally brash in his delivery, Boosie has never failed to abide by his own truth and principles. As such, he's been analomous amongst his fellow artists, some of whom have cemented themselves within the music industry -- for better or worse. 

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Today, Boosie took to Instagram to issue a PSA of sorts, one that highlights what he deems to be a rare breed: Real Ones. Highlighting Bobby Shmurda as the last of a fading breed, Boosie fired off a rant aimed squarely at those leeching within the industry. "It’s a shame how the world don’t glorify the REAL ONES SMH #freesmurda," writes Boosie, alongside an image of Bobby Shmurda. "Rats get mo love then the stand-up guys."

"FAKE ASS INDUSTRY!!" he continues, widening the scope of his rant. "THEY WANT ALL THE REAL ONES OUT THE GAME! THEY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE THE REAL SMH Maybe its time for the real to EXTORT THE FAKE ‼️ WHO DOWN TO TAKE THESE N***S SHIT WHO PUSSY?" It's unclear what provoked Boosie to rile up, but the ongoing conversation surrounding the hip-hop industry has certainly elicited no shortage of divided takes. For a man who made his name on the streets, some of today's practices might very well be appalling to Boosie. After everything he's gone through, it's not surprising to see him stand up for what he believes in. Whether you agree with his sentiment is entirely in your court.