Not long after Boosie Badazz was released from prison back in 2014, he got right to work. The rapper's brother reportedly told him about a Dallas artist, Mo3, who he believed Boosie should sign to a record deal. What developed was a friendship and lucrative working relationship that Boosie said never required paperwork, just an agreement. The Lousiana rapper recently sat down with VladTV to talk about his relationship with the late rapper, including a mention that Mo3 was murdered on a Dallas highway the day after Boosie's last interview with Vlad.

"My lil patna. I miss him," Boosie said of his late friend. "Mo3 was one of the most talented rappers ever been took away, bro. He had that kind of talent." Vlad added that when he interviewed Mo3, he asked the rapper if he was worried about traveling around his hometown or if he's increased security. In a throwback clip of that discussion, Mo3 stated that no one was "chasing" him so, he wasn't overly concerned with his safety.

Bossie shared how he found out about Mo3's death, stating that his friends didn't want to tell him about it. He finally learned of murder as he was exiting a flight. "I was like, damn, they got my dawg," said Boosie. "But you know the streets, you know how that sh*t go... You gon' get shot at. It ain't like you signed up to go to motherf*ckin' Harvard. You signed up to go to Harvard you might miss some tests, you might fail some tests."

"You sign up for this thug sh*t, you gon' get shot at, you gon' get shot. Missed or hit. It's just all a gamble with what we chose and this the life I chose." Watch the clip of Boosie's interview below.