People are questioning Boosie Badazz's motives because, this week, the rap legend announced a new challenge on his alternate Instagram page, revealing that he'll pass $2,000 to the winner of his "Stick N Da Car" challenge. As suggested in the title, Boosie wants his fans to creatively show off their guns while inside of a car.

Boosie is encouraging people to "go dumb with them sticks" in the car, asking them to film the best possible videos operating guns in a vehicle. This challenge is definitely not a good idea, especially since the feds are always watching and could likely use your "Stick N Da Car" challenge video to indict you. 

"Let's see how many videos the feds come watch," commented one person on the post. "Boosie bout to get n***az indicted!!" wrote another.

Some people have been letting people know that this probably isn't the best idea to be doing, especially if you've ever been arrested or already have a criminal record, but others are informing Boosie that they've sent in their submissions and are hoping to win the grand prize.

This new challenge is part of Boosie's popular social media antics, which included a recent wheelchair race with his son, and a moment where the rapper pondered whether he should join the ever-popping Clubhouse app. It's titled after Boosie's latest single.

Do you think the "Stick N Da Car" challenge is a good idea?